Not really knowing quite what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised to see the truck pull up with what seemed like a very small load.  This tower weighs in at just under 5 tons.  Even though it's all strapped together with timbers between the layers, it was easy to cut the straps and unload it with a fork lift.  If you had a big fork lift with a 6 or 8 foot fork length, you could unload the entire skid at once by just lifting it and having the truck drive out from under it.


Close up of the mating flanges.


Notice the curvature in the legs below?  I was a bit alarmed by this.  I called the manufacturer and was told that "these peices didn't go through the straightening process correctly".  When you order your tower, you might want to make a point of getting straight pieces.  Having said that, I will add however that upon actually assembling the individual sections, all it took was a tie strap to pull them together.  It wasn't very hard at all.  See the assembly page.