Final stacking of the tower sections.


The crane arrives, all 94,000 pounds of it.



Getting ready for the first section in the foreground.


Below, you can see the buckets that will be clipped to each section as it's raised.  Inside the buckets, the person who works on the ground will place the appropriate hardware required for each section.  Mainly just the flange bolts and nuts.  As the climbers proceed upward, they send the buckets down on the rope and they're clipped to the next section.


Lifting the first section.  This is actually the second section as I assembled the bottom most section right on the foundation.


Bolting up the flange plates on the first joint.




Continuing upward, bolting the third section.


The fourth section being lowered into place.


Bolting the fourth section.


The fifth section.



The final three sections we felt were light enough that I bolted them to one another while laying on the ground.  Then we picked up the entire upper 50' of tower and placed it as one piece.  The buckets can be seen dangling from the bottom of it.



Swinging to the right now as the crane extends upward.


This is the top sections still suspended a few feet above while the rest of us hurry back up the tower.




Placing it and bolting it down.



Then, on the way down, you tighten up all the bolts.