Here we show the pouring and finishing of the concrete.


After truck #1, it's hard to tell but most of the hole is still empty.  Most of what you see in the following pics is several of us running vibrators.  This pic shows yours truly holding the motor while a friend works the "stinger" which vibrates very hard and settles the concrete to purge air, remove honeycombs, etc.  The vibrators are a must.  On a hole this big it was good that we wound up with two of them.  Having only one would have slowed us down.  The cement trucks were arriving only about 20 or 30 minutes apart.  The first two in fact arrived at the same time.  Each truck (standard cement truck) carries 9 cubic yards.  We used about 75 yards total.


After truck #2


After truck #3


Truck #4 in progress.


Truck #5 in progress.


Truck #6 in progress.


Here comes truck #7


Truck #8 in progress.  Also showing the forms we tied to the J-bolts.


A long time local resident, born here in this rural town over 80 years ago, looks on and provides moral support.


Here you can see both vibrators in action.


Last truck finishing up the pour.  We didn't use it all and sent some back so that's why I don't know exactly how much we used.  Somewhere around 75 cubic yards.


All done pouring.  Starting to screed the surface.  Per the specs, the center area inside the J-Bolts is to be flat with a brushed finish and the area outside the J-Bolts is to be sloped with a floated finish.  We used a <1" slope.


Continued screed work.  Although in this picture it looks like everyone threw their tools into the cement and left!


Outer screed work mostly done, and sloped downward per spec.


Last of the vibrating is completed.


Finishing the screed work.


More of the same.


Inner forms now removed for finishing work.  We just buried that guy in the red shirt, he didn't get out in time.  ; )


Pulling some cement here and there where needed.


All done with the finish work.  Once it sets up a little more, we'll finish the top with trowels and floats.


Observing our masterpiece.  Almost Corona time.


Yea, it's a real mess doing this.


More finishing of the surface as it cures.


Starting to look nice now.  Notice that I waited quite a while (probably 2 hours) before removing the fixture.  Removing it was necessary to finish the surface.  I tried removing it too early and upon lifting one template off the J-Bolts, one J-Bolt promptly shifted 1/2"!  I let out an audible screech and placed the fixture back on for a little longer.  The concrete was hard enough to remove it after another hour or so.


You can see it's still rather "soupy" on the surface.  It just takes time to work the surface to a smooth finish.


Nearly done.


And all the helpers got due credit!  (Although the next day I found out I had forgotten a couple.)